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What Makes Winchester Gun Safes a Nightmare for Gun Thieves?

Winchester is a top gun manufacturer company that has been coming out with very high quality guns since 1866. Since the 90’s, it has been manufacturing gun safes that come in Legacy, Legend and Tradition series. These have a lovely Western charm and every serious gun owner recommends using a gun safe from this brand to keep guns, gun accessories and other valuables well-protected. In keeping with demand from consumers, the brand has the UL burglary ratings in all its safes upgraded – offering higher amount of protection. Find out what makes these safes a nightmare for gun thieves.

Secure access

These gun safes come with biometric technology or UL-listed electronic keyboard, with the latter being used for setting any type of combination. A combination can be chosen and changed at anytime possible. The locking bolts of the safes are very solid and thick. The bolts have a thickness of 1.5 inches in the Silverado series and 2 inches in the Supreme range.

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These are usually very heavy safes, and impossible for thieves to move about. These come in the range of 500 – 1,000 pounds, and cannot be lifted and moved by a burglar without creating a commotion. As these safes come with bolt holes, you can fasten them securely on the floor and make it completely impossible to move them.

Fire resistance

Such kinds of safes are resistant to fire, and those of the Legacy series have been designed to withstand as high temperatures as 1200 degree F for 1 hour. Cutting through the surface is thus, impossible. These have a drill-resistant outer surface, and also come with various special features that keep the internal surface protected. The safes are kept sealed with 18 steel bolts of superior security and of size 1 ½-inch around the door perimeter. These are waterproof as well, and can resist water for as long as 45 minutes to 1 hour.

High quality build

These gun cabinets are built with super strong steel of around 10 gauge thickness, and not sheet metal which is prone to tampering, drilling or breaking in. The doors have an automatic re-locking feature, which activate at anytime a burglar attempts to break the lock of the safe.

Full-sized gun safes from Winchester are offered with a limited lifetime warranty, which starts from the purchase date. The warranty offers protection against burglar attacks as well as fire damages, workmanship deficiencies and manufacturing defects.

What are the best selfie sticks today?

People these days are using the smartphone to take selfies of themselves or with their friends on different occasions. Selfies are preferred more than regular photographs. But for group selfies, there will be required selfie sticks. It is indeed a wonderful invention.

About selfie stick

It is considered to be a telescoping stick slot to fix the phone. The device needs to be inserted into the slot, held up to get the perfect angle to derive the selfie shot! The stick also helps to change the selfie angle, provide wider angles as well as to capture better shots. Using Bluetooth selfie stick is a real bonus. You should always consider buying the best selfie sticks.

Top selfie sticks

  • Minisuit Selfie Stick:
    • Universal fit to accommodate all handheld devices
    • Lightweight at just 5 ounces
    • Remote shutter
    • Affordably priced

This stick is provided with a remote to help connect with your phone using Bluetooth. It allows you to take snaps without requiring setting the timer. It is convenient, affordable and easy to use.

  • digiPower Quikpod Extreme:
    • it comes with smartphone adapter
    • Mounts interchange easily with GoPro mount and quick release camera
    • Extends with inbuilt mirror from 18”-53”
    • Created for those interested in something long lasting and durable

This stick is salt waterproof and its handle telescopes pans to about 53” in length. It also feels more solid.

  • iStabilizer Monopod:
    • compatible with any smartphone virtually
    • extends over 3’
    • strongest selfie stick available in the market

This stick has been created from aluminum that is used for construction of airplanes. It is long lasting and durable. It can hold smartphones to about 3.5” wide and accommodates almost every smartphone available. It is also strong to hold any regular camera with great ease and is GoPro camera compatible.

  • CamKix Extendable Selfie Stick:
    • Easy to be held by small hands and kept steady effortlessly.
    • Excellent adjustable length and telescoping length
    • Lightweight, affordable and perfect for kids

It can handle easily careless use, comes with adjustable head and is compatible with smartphones. It can fit perfectly with most bags and backpacks and lanyards to avoid accidents. The extension is fully adjustable from 11” to 40”. The universal phone holder can hold any type of device of size around 3.25” width, while comes with 180 degree adjustable head. This stick is just perfect for the kids.

The above are few of the best branded selfie sticks available in the market.