Your home should be a place that is secured. There is nothing more concerning than knowing that you home can be easily compromised. The best way to help protect you home is by installing CCTV. There are many different kinds of CCTV that are designed to do specific jobs. There are systems that you can monitor from anywhere with the use of your cell phone. Not all these systems operate the same and you will need to know which systems work well with a cellphone. There are a few security cameras that can work with google home or Alexa.

Compatible security cameras

The Ring Video Doorbell work well with google home. It provides you with video at your doors. It offers you the ability to live stream and save the video. This device comes with a cloud feature and you can save videos for reference later. You will be alerted to anyone at your door using this device. It is motion activated and will save footage in case of emergency.

The Vivint Security system is another camera system that is compatible with google home and Alexa. His device was designed specifically to be used with the google home. It can be connected to your smart phones and controlled remotely. This device offers more features but the price is a drawback to many customers. This system offers higher quality features at a higher price. It requires a professional to install and you will be required to pay an installation fee. Vivint is more suitable for those who are looking for an in-depth security system. It is a lot more advance than a simple security system controlled by Google Home.

All-in-one system

Geeni is a system that is compatible with google home. It offers a wide variety of features including night vision, live streaming, two communication and recording. This camera records high definition videos. You will be able to connect this device to your smartphone. The device doesn’t particularly need to be connected to a hub. This will help you to save money. There are only a few systems that are compatible with Google Home. If you decide to get an all-in-one system you may need to get the expertise of a professional. If you need security for your home then it is a good idea to get a security system that can be monitored remotely. There are not a lot of options for security systems that are compatible with Google Home but the ones that are offering unique features.

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