Pros and Cons of Selfie Sticks for Androids

If you’ve been noticing a lot of people taking pictures with an extending pole or stick from their cell phones, you’re not alone. These are called selfie sticks and they are all the rage.

Selfie sticks offer android users an opportunity to attach their android to a stick and extend the distance from which the picture is taken. They are ideal for use in group selfies and help to avoid selfies that are simply too up close and personal.

Here are some pros and cons on selfie sticks that you may wish to consider before you go out to purchase one:


  • They do not require a battery therefore they wont be costing you in replacement batteries.
  • Bluetooth and WiFi are not required all you do is attach the phone to the holder and youre good to go.
  • They extend the users arm so that the picture is more crisp and less likely to be blurred or focus on that one flaw that the user is trying to hide from the world.
  • They are lightweight and easily portable.
  • They offer a 24 inch extendable arm.
  • Group selfie photos are a snap with a selfie stick and no one gets left out of the picture.
  • The camera holder is on a swirl base so you can easily take the selfie from any angle.
  • Selfie sticks are great fun for large gatherings such as parties, weddings, family reunions etc.


  • A good quality selfie stick can be pretty costly.
  • Some of the selfie sticks are easily bendable and will break after just a few uses.
  • Rubber portions that help to hold the android in can sometimes fall off and this would allow the android to fall and break.
  • An app must be downloaded since it does not come with WiFi or bluetooth. This app can be found free for some versions of android but for other versions it can cost money.
  • They do not come assembled. Assembly is required.
  • Although they look very user friendly, they are not as user friendly as they appear and will not only require assembly, but they will also take some time on the learning curve for accuracy and easy to snap photos.
  • Holders and sticks are adjustable and in some cases poor workmanship may mean that these adjustable points break more easily than they should. Check here for the cannon gun safe reviews.


Selfie sticks are available nearly anywhere android phones are sold. They are also readily available online and in many drug stores.

Obviously selfie sticks are here to stay and many are really finding great value in this little product. Some people are finding fault with them and with good cause but a good quality selfie stick can be very helpful for someone who really uses it a lot whether for work or pleasure. Since they are so readily available they are not difficult to find and can be found for nearly any version of phone. They do take some getting used to but all in all people are really appreciating them.