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What are the best selfie sticks today?

People these days are using the smartphone to take selfies of themselves or with their friends on different occasions. Selfies are preferred more than regular photographs. But for group selfies, there will be required selfie sticks. It is indeed a wonderful invention.

About selfie stick

It is considered to be a telescoping stick slot to fix the phone. The device needs to be inserted into the slot, held up to get the perfect angle to derive the selfie shot! The stick also helps to change the selfie angle, provide wider angles as well as to capture better shots. Using Bluetooth selfie stick is a real bonus. You should always consider buying the best selfie sticks.

Top selfie sticks

  • Minisuit Selfie Stick:
    • Universal fit to accommodate all handheld devices
    • Lightweight at just 5 ounces
    • Remote shutter
    • Affordably priced

This stick is provided with a remote to help connect with your phone using Bluetooth. It allows you to take snaps without requiring setting the timer. It is convenient, affordable and easy to use.

  • digiPower Quikpod Extreme:
    • it comes with smartphone adapter
    • Mounts interchange easily with GoPro mount and quick release camera
    • Extends with inbuilt mirror from 18”-53”
    • Created for those interested in something long lasting and durable

This stick is salt waterproof and its handle telescopes pans to about 53” in length. It also feels more solid.

  • iStabilizer Monopod:
    • compatible with any smartphone virtually
    • extends over 3’
    • strongest selfie stick available in the market

This stick has been created from aluminum that is used for construction of airplanes. It is long lasting and durable. It can hold smartphones to about 3.5” wide and accommodates almost every smartphone available. It is also strong to hold any regular camera with great ease and is GoPro camera compatible.

  • CamKix Extendable Selfie Stick:
    • Easy to be held by small hands and kept steady effortlessly.
    • Excellent adjustable length and telescoping length
    • Lightweight, affordable and perfect for kids

It can handle easily careless use, comes with adjustable head and is compatible with smartphones. It can fit perfectly with most bags and backpacks and lanyards to avoid accidents. The extension is fully adjustable from 11” to 40”. The universal phone holder can hold any type of device of size around 3.25” width, while comes with 180 degree adjustable head. This stick is just perfect for the kids.

The above are few of the best branded selfie sticks available in the market.

Take amazing videos-With the best selfie sticks for videos

The need of today’s generation is Instagram perfect videos. People have found out the technique in which they can appear in the video and they don’t have to beg others to capture them or waste money behind videographers.  The dream of capturing the perfect moment is no longer a dream anymore.

Here I have made a list of the best selfie sticks that are trending in the market . The evaluation is made on the basis of their manufacturing cost, their longevity, and their adaptable features and also on their strong and sturdy mechanism. Some of the selfie sticks have some added features which introduce a new level of standard into our videos.

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The list

JETech battery free extendable selfie stick is the perfect selfie stick for those who need  a budget friendly product that is durable  and allows  one to capture video from a wide view. This one can be easily used with androids, latest version of iPhone and iOS smartphones . The stick can be expanded from a length of 14.5 inches to a maximum length of 36 inches. They have an amazing feature that it provides 270 degree rotation which is hard to find nowadays. The only disadvantage of this model is that it does not have a Bluetooth option.

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Now we will have a look into one of the most attractive selfie stick trending in the market – mocreo 360.This has got a lustrous texture and is available in three different hues. The videos taken from this are of great quality. They also have the added facility of LED lights and is provided with a mirror so that the person using it can make sure that camera frame is in the appropriate position. The current market value of this selfie stick is Rs  3829  which is very affordable in today’s market.

The third selfie stick we will have  detailed look into is Ubeesize MONOpod. This is different from the other sticks because the range of wireless remote is 30 foot which means that the tripod stand can be set up at a greater distance to take videos without racing to beat the timer set. The other positive features include the thick and soft handles  and the perfect size of the buttons  which helps in the smooth execution of the work.

The other models that are ruling this market are  GoRad gear selfie sticks,  the one with the greatest durability is fugetek ft-568.

Love them or hate them,  selfie sticks are  an important need in the videography business nowadays.

Best Selfie Stick Information

Everyone and their mothers are now taking selfies nowadays. An increasing number of phone manufacturers are making it easier and easier to take selfies with wide angle lenses. However, the truth is, the only way to get great selfies is with a selfie stick. Otherwise, the only good way to get good photographs is by asking other people to take the photos for you. No one likes having to ask strangers or other people to take photos for them. This is why the selfie stick is one of the best inventions for those that love to take pictures of themselves and capture everything.

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Although, because best selfie sticks information have become so popular, tons and tons of manufacturers have made an effort to create their own selfie sticks. The good news is that there are ways to weed out the good from the bad. You do not have to worry about purchasing a horrible selfie stick if you follow the guidelines below.

1. Look at reviews.

The first thing that you must do when trying to determine which selfie stick to purchase is to look at the different products that are available and see whether or not previous customers have reviewed them. This is a great way to filter out the good from the bad. you should be able to tell a lot by seeking out the different manufacturers and businesses that are selling these sticks. Obviously, you are going to want to search for the businesses that have the best reputation. This means that you should look for the businesses that have the best reviews on their products. This is great because it takes a lot of the experimentation and guesswork out of the decision making process.

2. Price.

The next thing that you are going to want to consider is the price. The price of the actual product should never be the primary concern. This is because you generally get what you pay for. However, in this case, because there are so many different brands and products out there, you should be able to find a great deal on your selfie stick. You should look for the products that have the best reputation and reviews and then decipher which one you can acquire at the best price. This should save you a ton of money on your purchase.

3. Seller.

It is also incredibly important to ensure that you purchase your products from a reputable merchant. You need to be sure that you check up on the seller that you will be purchasing from and ensure that they are reputable. The best way to do this is to search for their record on the Better Business Bureau website. By purchasing products from those that are BBB accredited, you will limit the exposure of purchasing from businesses that are not reputable.

By following the advice listed above, you should be able to find an excellent business to purchase your stick from. You should be able to find the best selfie sticks on the market.