Are Winchester Gun Safes Worth Your Money?

Winchester gun safes have been in use for decades now, and happen to be a top firearm storage option for many gun owners today. The brand has been reputed as a high quality gun manufacturer for over a century, but its gun safes are also very popular – although some people are doubtful about whether it is actually up to the mark. Read about some important aspects of Winchester gun safes that will help you to know why these are worth your money.

Varied options

The brand Winchester has come out with 4 different series of steel safes – Deputy, Ranger, Silverado and Legacy. The models from each series satisfy the requirements of all gun owners. There are small as well as long gun safes, made of high quality steel that offer utmost protection. The cabinets are not made of any sheet metal that is susceptible to breakage.

High fire-resistance

If you live in an area that is prone to fire hazards, such as forest fires or firestorms, you need a gun safe with high level of fire-resistance. This is easily possible with the gun safes from Winchester. The ones from the Legacy series are rated to be capable of withstanding as high temperatures as 1200 degree F for 1 hour. The inner temperature, all the while, stays at 350 F or even less – which does not harm the guns contained inside in any way.

High gun capacity

The interior section of these safes happens to be convertible. This means that you can take out the top shelf, which can let you fit even 30-inch guns on the inside. The safes measure 60 X 30 X 22 inches, and can contain as many as 24 guns or even beyond. You can organize the adjusting shelves within these cabinets in any manner. This lets you change the safe’s layout and customize it according to your personal needs. The storage system on the interior door gives you extra storage space. Each of the safes from Winchester boasts of beveled edges that look extremely elegant.

Superior locking system

The electric locking system in these safes is very superior in form. Its keypad lasts longer than safes from other brands. The modern gun safes and cabinets from Winchester come with biometric technology that offers instant access to guns during emergencies, such as break-ins into the home, when you need a gun in hand as quickly as possible.

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